Urban and Regional Planning


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Today’s urban and regional planning does not merely limit itself to land use or zonal plans only, but also extend into the spheres of security and governance. Such trespassing demands newer frameworks of public private partnerships, capacity building and institutional reforms, and accordingly their planning and management must also receive due shares of importance in and outside the academia.

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Research & Outreach

# Is Dhaka going to be abandoned in near-future? Urban planners and climate experts share different views. Read in Financial Express, Climate experts, urban planners differ on solution to city’s problems (pdf from the presentation by Adil Khan can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page). March 2018

# Urban Planners of Dhaka hold that public sufferings multiplied in the capital due to its unplanned development activities. Read in New Age, Unplanned development increased public sufferings in capital. February 2018

# “Children today are growing wider instead of taller, which is not a healthy form of growth,” observes town planners of Dhaka in a roundtable organized in the city. Read in Daily Star, Child-sensitive Urban Planning. December 2017

# Md Akter Mahmud and Adil M Khan, professors at the JU Dept. of Urban and Regional Planning, evaluate the existing transport planning system of Dhaka city for efficiency, examine causes of failures of the previous, and proposes future courses. Read at Academia.edu, Transport Planning of Dhaka City: Some Contemporary Observation. 2013

# Climate change and responsive urban planning: a presentation (Adil Khan). March 2018