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Research Publications

# The Daily Star (Dhaka) has featured, in its Law and Rights page (May 2, 2019), a write up on SDG by Md. Sekander Zulker Nayeen, where Nayeen discusses Goal 16, ‘ensuring access to justice to all’. His emphasis is on the much-talked-about issue of timely disposal of cases in Bangladesh, which he addresses as a ‘third dimension’ of access to justice (the other two being, access to justice mechanism and getting a just or predictable outcome, respectively).  “Three dimensions of access to justice for achieving SDGs“. 2019

# Md. Sekander Zulker Nayeen publishes a critical evaluation of litigation funding in Commonwealth Law Bulletin  (Vol. 43, Issue 1). “Options of litigation funding in serving the interests of society: a critical evaluation from the viewpoint of access to justice“. 2017

# Md. Sekander Zulker Nayeen, Md. Harun Reza and Sumona Kabir publish in Commonwealth Law Bulletin (Vol. 21, Issue 2) on ‘temporary injunction’ practice in Bangladesh, arguing that if the civil court had sufficient legal authority to direct local police to restrain the opposite party from violating its orders, the ultimate objectives of the injunction could be upheld. “What additional authority does the civil court need to uphold the objectives of temporary injunction? – A case study of Bangladesh”. 2015