Literature, Culture and Religion

Shoes on the Danube Bank: War memorial by Gyula Pauer on the east bank of Danube in Budapest


More of heart’s matter, than head’s — is what defines how literature, culture and religion get synthesized at the IRIBD. The sublime and often interconnected themes that they carry, are read into their expressions and constructed or deconstructed as one likes. The synergy is unmissable. If you would like to join, get in touch with the center research coordinator, at: lcr(at)

Research Works

# A mosque as a ‘matter’ only? When seen through its materialistic qualities, a mosque can indeed be a start point for fascinating cultural and anthropological questioning. Read an essay by Helal Mohammed Khan at the University of Leuven (June 2017), here.

# Helal M Khan takes an attempt to interpret migrant cultures, or rather to advocate for appropriate methodological tools for their interpretation, through the case of the Rohingya. Panel Paper from Leuven Anthropology Graduate Colloquium. April 2017. Read here.

# “Beyond Borders, Cultures and Languages: Semantics of Our Changing World” — a paper presented at the Chevening Global Ambition Conference 2016 (organized by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office at the University of Birmingham, UK). 8 April 2016. Read here.

# A poem about miracles, by anonymous. December 2015