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Product name: p-nitroaniline
CAS NO: 100-1-6
Molecular weight: 138.12

Quality index:

  Appearance Initial Melting Point /°C≥ Purity %≥ Assay /%≥
Dried product Yellow to yellowish brown crystal 147.0 99.30  
Wet product Yellow to yellowish brown crystal 146.5 99.00 90.0


Wet product: 50KG film bag lined woven bag.
Dried product: 50KG or 25KG film bag lined woven bag, or following your demands.

As an extremely important intermediate of dye industry, p-nitroaniline can be used directly for the synthesis of: Direct Fast Black G, Direct Green B, BE, 2B-2N, Dark green NB, Direct gray D, Acid Black 10B, ATT, Disperse Red P-4G, cationic deep yellow 2RL, fur black D, p-phenylenediamine, o-chloro-p-nitroaniline, 2.6-dichloro-4-nitroaniline, 5-nitro-2-chlorophenol, etc.; can also be used for the synthesis of Pesticide dicloran; also as the material of antioxidant, optical stabilizer and developer; it other countries, p-nitroaniline can be used as diazonium component to produce disperse dyes: C, Disperse Orange 1, 3, 7 21, red 1, 2, 7, 17, etc., and blue 259; Black 2, 3, 28, 29 and so on.

This product is azoic dye scarlet GG color base, can be used as black salt K for the dyeing and printing of cotton fabrics. Now, it is primarily used as intermediate of azo dyes, such as for the production of direct dark green B, Acid Mordant Brown G, Acid Black 10B, buffalo black ATT, fur black D and direct gray D, etc. It can also be used as the intermediate of pesticides and veterinary drugs; when it is used in the pharmaceutical industry, it can be used for the production of Niclosamide, nitrazepam and quinuronium sulfate, etc. It can also be used to produce p-phenylenediamine; antioxidants and preservatives.