Research with iribd

Research is a journey toward knowledge, and at its best, wisdom. At iribd we learn not only from the university, but also from the bigger institution that is life. If you wish to join us by publishing your drafts or sharing the news of your publication elsewhere, do get in touch.

First let us know about you and your topic of interest to one of our research coordinators, at: research(at) As you write, please make sure to specify your intent – whether you want to discuss a proposal, request suggestions on a draft, or seek help with an ongoing study (etc.). You also are welcome to send along prepared papers (abridged, or in full) for publication within the IRIBD Working Paper Series.

Please note that ALL iribd publications are subject to editorial oversight, and in that they would represent the views of individual authors, and not iribd.

Once you’ve sent us an email, we assure you to return an appropriate response for which we may not take more than 2/3 working days.



If you prefer to be registered with us as a researcher (and be entitled to have an email account with iribd), you may consider contacting us separately. Please send an email with your CV/resume to the Director, at: hmkhan(at)